Love Is Blind’s Micah TEARS UP Discussing Her Portrayal on the Show (Exclusive) (2023)


'Love Is Blind' star Micah Lussier chats with ET's Will Marfuggi about how she was portrayed on the show and breaks down in tears discussing her journey. Plus, Micah reacts to season 2 alum Natalie Lee accusing her of not being 'genuine' on the series. 'Love Is Blind' season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.


I'm just really emotional today, oh, I'm, such a mess, it's.

Okay, it's hard to understand the context to go around.

You know, the different scenes.

What was your reaction watching back? You know, the episodes in the pods and then a little bit in Mexico too.

Obviously, people online want to tag you with the sort of like this mean, girl tag, I think what makes me nervous is having to really rely on what's internal.

Yeah, if no one likes my insides, what was your reaction when you saw people were reacting that way? Um, it was really hard.

I mean, I know, and my friends, my family know, that's, not me, um, but it's, like, you know, even watching it was hard for me to watch I.

Think I would have felt the same way.

Sorry, it's.


I've just been really emotional today.


Okay, um.


It's just it's hard to watch.

Um, you know, it's hard to understand the context like around, you know, the different scenes, um, but I just took time to reflect.

And you know what was going on in that moment? You know, why does it seem like that like why am I laughing and I think a lot of time I use like laughter as a good nervousness? You know, I think about when I, you know, walked in from the pods and I came and Jackie was on the couch.

You know, I didn't really understand or know that she was, you know, upset, um, because I was so wrapped up in my own head.

I just had a conversation with Kwame I want to talk to my friend about it.

I was nervous and scared I was excited to.

You know, tell Paul that I want to just move forward with just him.

I was really excited and I think I, didn't I, didn't, take a step outside of myself to realize that there was something else going on.

You know around me, um, you know, moments like that it's, like, oh, God.

Why didn't I pay more attention to other people, but it was never meant to be nasty or laugh at anyone in pain I, even like watching the scene with Amber, um, you know when she had come back in from her conversation with Paul, I know, I was all frustrated and scared and upset like why'd it take so long, you sit with me, yeah, I cannot be on it.




I ended.

It really quick and I was they're really strong in my conviction that I was going with Paul and I was just so scared that maybe he changed his mind and obviously, Irena and I.

You know, very caselessly wanted to listen and see what was going on I never knew that she was crying or upset I knew that she had other connections.

You know, me and Amber decided early on that we weren't going to talk about our connections, because we knew we had some of the same ones.

And so I didn't realize, you know, the gravity of the situation and watching him back.

It just seems really, you know, selfish and I know when she rounded the corner and she was crying like I.

Immediately was taking it back like, oh, my God she's really upset like in one hand, I'm like, oh, my God Paul, like, you know, did end it with her and my heart I'm a little happy.

And and Senior cry was just terrible, and you know, I hugged her and I told her I was so sorry.

And you know, she told me she was happy for me.

She healed it with a lot of Grace, um.

But you know it doesn't change.

The fact that you know, I was more worried about myself than anyone else and it's.

You know, it was hard to watch.

And one side of me is so happy like relieved, maybe if you could go back and change the way that you react in those situations I'm, sure you would would you I wish I was more supportive of other people's Journeys.

Even if it crossed over with mine, I never wanted to be mean or hurt Amber or hurt Jackie.

It's just I was caught up in my own story.

I was you know trying to get, you know, this happy ending and I think I was more interested in what was going on with me than anyone else.


And while it wasn't meant to be mean, it wasn't, it didn't, it wasn't caring, or you know, helping them through, you know, their difficult time you put it out on Instagram saying, you apologized to cast mates, who did you reach out to who did you feel like you needed to you were compelled to reach out to and say, yeah, hey, I'm.

Sorry, yeah, um, you know when things were happening, I definitely had conversations with Chelsea, um, the disrespect shown at the pool party is embarrassing.

Obviously we were all drinking.

And but it doesn't, you know, erase the fact that it was inappropriate, I think it was disrespectful to her and to Paul, um.

So I apologized to her Arena recently, put out a video apologizing.

Do you guys told are you guys still in touch? Are you guys still, friendly, it's.


Can we can somebody grab some tissues or something.

Thank you just like talking about it out loud, it's, just like emotional.

Yeah, of course, it's difficult very few people know what it's like to be in in this position.

Obviously, you know, whatever happened at the pool party.

Maybe it wouldn't happen.

If I wasn't doing God knows what you know, it's hard to say, but, you know it didn't hurt me because I felt like she was, you know, my closest friend at the time I think that's.

The reason why I was so upset do I still talk.

Yeah, we still talk.

Um, I.

Think this has been, you know, Growing Experience for both of us and I think, you know, we both, you know need to work on ourselves.

You know, just like everyone else, um.

But hopefully we can, you know help each other do that yeah, has there been anything that surprised you about the feedback that you've gotten on social media about from all this? Um I think I wasn't expecting just because I know how things were in reality, I wasn't, necessarily expecting it to be like this because I knew my intentions.

But when I watched the show I understand where people are coming from, yeah, and obviously, it's really hurtful.

And it sucks to read, um, but I understand I mean, people, you know, they're watching the show and they feel like, you know, they're a part of it and they're hurt.

And you know, that's.

Okay, what I heard from my sources where at least on her end it's, not very genuine like in in terms of her intentions of being on the show Natalie from season two said that she wasn't sure that you were there for the right reasons? Maybe you had a possible.

Ulterior motive.

Did you I mean? What do you have a response to that I think that she should have taken the time to talk to me or Paul before saying, something like that? I mean, she knows she went through this experience.

She knows how you know things can be portrayed or feel I mean, I'm sure she went through the same thing with Shane.

So I thought, you know, I think that maybe she should have given me a little Grace, especially in something that's.

So incredibly untrue.


Would you go on her and UT's podcast and talk talk this out if invited? Um, yeah, I would consider it? Yeah, you know, at this point it's like things, aren't going to be checked and sourced.

It doesn't give me a lot of hope that it's something that I would want to put myself in.

Yeah, yeah.

You know, if I can't believe in where this information is coming from, why would I subject myself to that for me? I like I think I feed really hard off like People's.

Energy I would kind of maybe consider myself like an empath.

So it's like important to surround myself with like really genuine people.

Do you feel like a changed person from? You know, point A to point B in this journey, I think you know on par with how crazy the trajectory is with relationships.

It also is for growth.

I feel like I matured.

A lot throughout the process.

I have a lot more to go, um, but I feel you're put in so many hard situations where you really just have to dig deep in yourself.

And you know, I did and I did the best I could and I think that I did you know have a journey.

You know, in myself as well, what's your headspace around relationships with other cast members.

Now, I mean, I can understand why you'd be like I love you guys.

But this is painful and difficult for me and I don't want to I don't know, or are you guys bonded Forever, For This by this experience? Yeah, um I.

Think with how everything kind of came out, I think it's made it more difficult to be close with people.

Um, you know, a lot of us were, you know, close out of the pods.

And we kept in touch, um, you know, I've hung out with some of the girls.

And you know, maintained relationships, I think that there's just so much going on right now for all of us that I don't want to like get in anyone's way like I don't want to like if someone doesn't want to talk with me like that's, okay, like I want you to have your journey? Um, I want you to do what's best for you? Um.

But you know, a lot of the people you know on the show are really great people and there's, definitely no writing them off as friends foreign.


Is Paul hooking up with Micah's friend? ›

[April 17th, 2023] Paul Peden also addresses on the Love is Blind season 4 reunion that the videos from TikTok are insane, and put the drama to rest re-affirming that there was *nothing* going on with him and Micah's friend.

What happened with Micah on Love Is Blind? ›

Micah and Paul got engaged on season 4 of Love Is Blind only for Paul to say no at the altar, saying, to Micah's surprise, that he couldn't picture her as a mother. The exes told ET that they gave their romance another try after filming wrapped, but that they ultimately couldn't get past their struggles from the show.

What did Micah say to Kwame Love Is Blind? ›

The two spoke of their initial connection, and Kwame admitted that their sudden connection was weird, as it usually takes him some time to open up to new people. Micah told him that she really cares about the Love is Blind season 4 cast member as a person and that she still thinks about him.

Did Micah and Paul get married? ›

Love Is Blind contestant Paul Peden didn't marry Micah Lussier at the end of the season, but that doesn't mean he didn't find love in the pods. The environmental scientist revealed that he connected with another pod flame after breaking things off with his fiancée.

Are Kwame and Micah together? ›

However, Kwame married Chelsea Griffin in the finale episode. Since Kwame and Micah shared a strong flirtation, there were rumors that they could date after filming. However, Kwame and Chelsea stayed together. They have currently been married for a year and revealed they are happier than ever.

Did Paul cheat Love Is Blind? ›

Paul called the rumours "absurd" and explained he was gesturing to the woman that he was trying to get past. Paul said: "To imply that it was anything more than me just gesturing acknowledging that I was squeezing past her kind of bumped into her shoulder is literally absurd.

Did Kwame propose to Micah? ›

Kwame, a 33-year-old sales development manager, and Micah, a 27-year-old marketing manager quickly fell for each other, with Kwame even revealing he wanted to stop the experiment early and propose to Micah. However, things came to a sudden end when Micah broke things off with Kwame in favor of moving forward with Paul.

Are Chelsea and Kwame together? ›

Though his mother was not on board with his whirlwind marriage and did not attend the nuptials, Kwame chose Chelsea in the end. At the altar, they both said yes to each other and have been happily married since. In April, Chelsea told PEOPLE that she had met his mom and their relationship is steadily growing.

Are Micah and Irene still friends? ›

Are Micah and Irina from Love Is Blind season 4 still friends? The answer is yes. In an interview with Today in March 2023, Irina—who was Micah's best friend in The Pods—responded to edits of a love triangle between her, Micah and Micah's fiance, Paul.

Did Kwame break up with Micah? ›

Though at first Micah doesn't want Kwame to form other connections (leading to some awkwardness between her and Chelsea in the women's living quarters), Micah decides to go all in on Paul and breaks things off with Kwame.

Why didn't Micah pick Kwame? ›

"I personally know that when I chose Paul in the pods, I did not waver on that," she says. "I never had an interest in Kwame going forward." However, she understands that viewers may have had the wrong impression due to her body language during her first face-to-face conversations with Kwame in Mexico.

Why did Micah end it with Kwame? ›

She decided to end things with Kwame so she could be with Paul. Once Micah and Paul entered the real world, disagreements arose. First, they argued over where to live — Micah wanted Paul to consider moving to Arizona; Paul was set on Seattle. Micah's friends also shared their concerns about Paul.

Who gave birth to Micah? ›

Ashley Banjo's wife Francesca Abbott gave birth to their second child, on Thursday. And, the Dancing On Ice judge, 31, revealed a glimpse of newborn baby Micah Grace's face as he shared their first adorable 'father and son' photograph on Instagram, on Sunday.

Who is mother of Micah? ›

An anonymous midrashic tradition mentioned by the medieval commentators posits that Micah's mother was Delilah. This tradition is based on the wording “eleven hundred shekels of silver” that appears in two Biblical narratives: in Jud.

Why did Paul not want to marry Micah? ›

Paul said that he loved Micah but did not think that they should "choose" each other." He felt that they were "not there" yet and later confessed that he never envisioned Micah as a mother, stating that she lacked a "nurturing" part.

Did Paul cheat on Micah with bridesmaid? ›

He said no at the altar. On social media, Paul denied the rumors that he may have cheated on Micah — and he doubled down on his denial during the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion.

Did Paul touch Micah's bridesmaid? ›

It was this brief moment of Paul exiting the building that caught fans' eyes. As he opened the door, it appeared that he touched Micah's bridesmaid Ruby on the butt. Once the clip was posted — with a giant arrow pointing at the incriminating butt-touch — it went viral.

What did Micah's friend say to Paul? ›

During a tense birthday party scene, it appeared one of her BFFs Shelby wasn't super accepting of Paul, telling him, "Either way, I'll have something a little b****y to say at some point. So keep it up. I'm serious about it." She later told Micah of the relationship, "I'm 100 per cent not with it.

Did Micah really love Paul? ›

During the April 16 Love Is Blind reunion, Paul said he "visited [Micah] in Arizona briefly," but that things "ended pretty quickly after that." But at the time of their interviews, which were filmed before the finale aired, both Paul and Micah said they still had love for one another.

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